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\^ym> 14f 


n Qe Durouefcsc 

O63O6 EKGEL, . HEKDRIKj 1936b. Le genre 
Phfllaplysla P. F'ischerj iS72. Joure. de Ccsich,. 
80n99"212; f:ig, 1-2. 

193gc. Ueber Kestindische Aplysiidae aid Wer- 
wandten anderer Gebiete. Capita Zool., 8:1-76. 

10097 ENGEL, HENDRIK, 1936d. The Netherlands 

19-103^116;fig. 1-2. 

I936e. Mollusca (I). B, Gastropoda Opistho- &icyclopedie, 4e 
braiichia. Fauna van Nedarland, 8:1-73- 




ijysjjj die eens Bodonaeus toebehoord 
hebbeHj waarbij de eerste koningsviseh (Lampris 

£iOGi. fasugi 

T020fl ■i?fGEL. HENDRiK^. 1Q4o. On t.'n6 reistjv?? 

status of the hames^ Etetaiifera Gray, l8iJ7, and 
Aplysiella Fisher, 1872 (class Gastropoda, order 
Aplyaicmorpha). BjiU,. 200I. SosK;nci., 1:177- 

10209 ENCEL, -HENDRIK, 1947-195^. Winkler Prins 
Bi Cyclops© dis , 6© qp., '\'o din, Anisterdsis 


olO£?ic3.1 ST'ticles). 

Paraplysia Pilsbry, 1895- Zool. Ms., 116( 1/2):35- 

4 V , i j-R . I . • , 

O63O8 ENGEL, HENDRIK; 1936g. Some additi 

■yr, Q r rj 

l^aJac. Soe. Lcsid., 22(3):i'l3- 119; fig 

genus Notarchus. Proe. 

Albertus Seba. Svenska Linne-SaJlsk, Arsskr. ; 

10200 ENGEL. HENDRIK. 19^7b. De Liefheboers 
van Neptunus-Cabinet. De eerste malacologische 
vereeniging? Basteria, 2:64. 

10201 ENGEL, HENDRIK^ 1938. Weekdieren (Mol- 
lusca). In; H.C.REDEKE, Ifet dier in zijn ^^reld, 
overzieht der levensverseiiix^selen In het 
dierenrijk. pp. 111-118. Utrecht. 

werkzaamheden aan het ZoOlogist... .^^.. .,......,, .^ 

Napels- van 4-25 Hai 1939- fersil. Gew. ¥erg. ¥is- 
f*ii f^atiiDrk «rd Y''^^ Mp'd Kkr^A ¥p^ "ii ,T"np 

^ 10203 ENGEL, HENDRIK, 1959b. Alphabetical list 

Bijdr. Diijrk., 27:247~3«6. 

1020'! EKGEL, HENDRIK, ig^^Oa. Oude naturallen- 
kablnetten en dierverzamelinsiea. Ife Natuur, 

VAN REGTEKEN. 1940b. Alderia modesta (Loven) and 
Liffiapcutia depressa Alder & Hancock in the 
brackish waters of the Dutoh cn-ast. B^steris 
5:5-3^4: pis, 1-2. 

waardige variant van Baster'a Natuurkundige 

10211 ENGEL, HENDRIK. 1950. Het belai'ig van het 

schapplj. Inaugurele rede Uiiiversiteit van 
AmsterdaiB^ 6 November, 1950:1-17- Amsterdam, (de Ver, 37'31^)' 

rroDoss ' 


10212 hh^it^L., HiNbiilK, 19b 
pension of the rules to retain the names "Iplysi; 
and 'Tetliys' as generic names in the suborders 

Oplji. teclar. lit. Cos®, zool. Nossencl. 3(19):2yM- 
2b 3- 

10213 ENGEL, HENDRIK, 1955. Boe kbe sore kin s; (A. 
Provot-Fol, 195^^. ^Mollusques opisthobranches. 
Faune de France b8). Ckjrr. bl- Sed. ssalac ¥er., 

06311 ENGEL, HENDRIK, 19 

'x\ the influence 

of oreservation on the external aooearance of 

pecirnens of Aplysia depilans Lii^n 

f4?3» ~:::^ '. 1 ., 

06312 ENGEL, HENDRIK, & EALES, N.B., 1957b. The 
species of Aplysia belonslrig to the ,subgenus 
Tullia Pruvot-Eol, 1933; on a generic^cftar 
statu nascendi. fejauforti " 

I ?«f= rtTCi \ 

■-c3f U V u : 

1021^ ENGEL, HENDRIK, 1959> Tullia, a subgenus 
of Ar*l"sia. with a sucking disk at the Dosterior 

0215 ENGEL5 HENDHiJC, 1961. The sale -catalogue 

of the cabinets of n-^t'ijral histor^'-' of Alt 

i TyCi f^X V^ 

^-ba (1_752k a 

-^Qa LlYb2;. A curious docusKnt irom the pen 

s. Counc 

5? -ra^^ 1_ 

10216 ENGEL, HEN0RIK, & VAM EEKEH, C-J., 1952 

Red Sea, Opisthobranehn 

and Sinai' BiiH. &a Fish. Ites. Stat, liaifaj 30; 

196^+a. The life of Wqut-era S.S 

?V'1:S p T 

10215 ciBtysL} rlENDRiixj & Nl^ii^SIi?l~^5Eii;iH, j. 
IQO'+b. (k\ GxodsQdonB quadirlcolor' (ROppell & 

06310 ENGEL, HENDRIK, 1942a., The gen;. 
Delabeiia. 2o51. ^feded. Lsideri., 2^:197-239: 
figs- 1-ib. 


August, 198? 
Volume 1M, 
Nusber 5 
Page 17 

than rsy previous system. The usual problems are 
again here -- learning how to sake it do what we 
want it to do. 

This system has all of the, capabilities of my 
last system from Matchmaker Techriology, Inc. plus 
a 10 megabyte hard disk and three terminals' for 
simultaiieoua multiple users. It is compatible 
with the system used at the Los Angeles CouTity 
Musej^g of Natural History and any system using 
CP/M-^'"' operating system. 

I also have a small new diazo duplicator to 
allow copying of entire microfiche in house. 
This, along with the .reader/printer and 
camera/processors I already have, will allow 
complete storage and retrieval of Opisthobraxich 
literature with fila. 

Please bear with lae. I have one problem with 
the new computer systerSo It will not print, out 
from the current word processor to paper so I 
have to convert everything to a new system. This 
is causing some delay in the production of the ON 
issues. Coniputers are wonderful devices but 
learning how to make thes do-what you want to do 
can be a problem,. I will try to get out the current 
issues of the ON with the old system before I give 

« a 


These are the most current addresses available 
to me for each of these people. Please send 
corrections and advditions as soon as Dossible. 

Abbott, Dr. R. Tucker 
2208 S. Colonial Drive 
f4elbouitie. FL '^2901 

Ajeska, Richard 
27 Santa Barbara 
Salinas, CA 93901 

Ifciversity of California 
An de r s on , Sh an e 
Biological Sciences 1016 
Santa Barbara, CA 93106 

Thordisa re be seen s E-ehnins 4 Henderson. 
Drawing by Dave Behrens 

Seattle, WA 9-3155 

s •» « § s 

The Op-istfaobran eh Ifewslett^r is published by 
Steven J. Long. 359 Roycroft Ave, Long Beach, 
Cali.fomia g08k, USA. Telephone 213-^33-71^8 
(message recorder) or 439-2028. Subscription 
rates are $15-00 per calendar year for 

Lid ra nan 
Australian Museum 
P.O. Box A-285 
Sydney South, NSW 
Australia 2000 

individuals and $17.50 x)e 

Institutions. The Opisthobraach lfewslett«r is 

issued in parts at irregular intervals. 



For the fourth time since 1979? I have changed 
computer systems. Bobbie and 1 have purchased 
an Alpha-riicro system much m.or=e capacity 

calendar year for Baba, Dr. Kikutarc 

Shigigaoka 35? Mlnami 11- jy^ 
Sango-cho, Ikoma-gun 
Nara-ken Japan, 635 

Eacescu, Prof. Dr, N. 
Museul cie Istorie Naturala 
1, Kisselef 
Rep. Soc. Rumania 

August, 1982 Volume 14(7):18 


Departamento de Zoologia 
Ballesteros Vasquez, Manuel 
Faeultad de Biologia 
Universidad de Barcelona 
via Cortez Catalajias 
535 Barcelona - 7, Spain 

Barbour, Ms. Melissa A. 

I8iq - 9th street 
Alameda CA 94501 

Comune di Milan o 
Barletta, Dr. Giorgio 
Viale Gadio, 2 
20121 Milan o Italy 

Ihiversidad de Conoepcion 
Bay-Schmith Bunster, Enrique 
Instituto Central de Biologia 
Con ce pcion ( Chile ) 
S.A. Casilla 1367 

Marine Biology Department 
Beeman, Dr. Robert 
San Francisco State College Francisco, CA 9^132 

P.G. & E., Bioassay Lab. 
Behrens, Dr. David 
P.O.Box 117 
Avila Beach, CA 93^24 

Belcik, Francis P. 
Biology Department 
East Carolina University 
Greenville NC 2783^ 

Berry, Dr. S. Stillman 
11^5 W. Highland Avenue 
Redlands CA 92373 

Bertsch, Dr. Hans 

P.O. Box 2041 

Spring Valley, CA 92077 

Dennis Nichols 

Beta Research Oceanographic 
4150 Pepper Tree Lane 
San Jose CA 95127 

The Marine Biomedical List. 
Blan ken ship, Dr. Jaraes E. 
200 University Ave. 
Galveston, TX 77550 

Biology Dept. 

Bleakney, Prof. J. Sherman 
Acadia OtTiversity 
Wolfville, Nova Scotia 
Canada BOB IXO 

Eept- of Zoology 
Bioom, Caaeron F. 
ujiiversity of Florida 
Gainsviile. FL ^26 11 


Dept. of Zoology 
Bloom, Stephen A. 
University of Florida 
Gainsviile, FL 32611 

Boone, Mrs. Constance 
3706 Rice Blvd. 
Houston, TX 77005 

Boss, Dr. Kenneth J. 

Museum of Comparative Zoology 

The Agassiz Museum 

Harvard University 

Cambridge MASS 02138 

Museum National d'Historie N'aturelle 
Bouchet, Philippe 

Laboratorie de Biologie des Invert. 
55 Rue de Buff on 

75-Pari3 [5®] France 

University of Puerto Rico 
Brandon, Marielle 
Department of Marine Sciences 
MayagUez, PR 00708 

British Museum (Natural History) 
Cromwell Road 
London, SW7, Ehgland 

Brookshire, Jack W. 
2962 Balboa Ave. 
Oxnard, CA 93030 

Brophy, Pat 

2508 Pacific Ave., Apt. 2 

Venice, CA 90291 

Brosh, Kathy 
812 Muriel St. 
Winnipeg Manitoba 
R2Y 0Y3 Canada 

Brusca, Dr. Richard 

University of Southern California 

Alan Hancock Foundation 

University Park 

Los Angeles, CA 90007 

College Physicans & Surgeons Columbia Univ, 
Bull, Doris; Dept. Physiol. 
630 West 168th St. 
New York, NY 10032 

Burch, Dr. J. B. 

Museum of Zoology 
University of Mi. c hi g an 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 4810'4 

Bum, Mr. Robert 
3 Nantes St. 
Newtown, Geelong 
Victoria 3220 Australia 

Burnett, Joseph Warren 

Division of Derrnatology 

University of Maryland School of i'-fedicirie 

Bal tisore , Marylan d 


August, 1982 Volume 14(6):19 

Cadien, Donald 

1006 37th St. 

San Pedro. CA 9083I 

Dept. of Li vert. Zool. 
California Academy of Sciences 
Golden Gate Park 
San Francisco, CA 94118 

Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies 

Cargo, David Garrett 

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory 

Lhiversity of Maryland 

Solomons, Maryland 

Patty Jo Hof 
Carlson, Clayton 
Box 8019 
Merizo, Guam 96916 

Department of Biology 
Carlton, James T. 
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. 
Woods Hole, MA 02543 

Instituto di Anatomia Comparata 

Cattaneo, Dr. Riccardo 

Universita di Geneva 

Via Balbi, 5 

16126 Gen ova Italy 

Chamberlain, Dr. Marc 
52 Ninth Street 
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 

Chamberlain, Robert 
1604 1/2 Victor Blvd. 
Areata, CA 95521 

Biological Sciences Dept. 
Clark, Dr. Kerry Bruce 
Florida Institute of Technology 
Melbourne, FL 32901 

Coan, Gene 

891 San Jude Ave. 

Palo Alto CA 9 4 30 6 

Cockbum, Dr. Thomas C. 
3131 Irma St. 
Victoria, b.C. 
Canada V9A 1S9 

Pathology; Children's Hospital 
Con cannon, Sheila 
3700 California St. 
San Francisco, CA 94119 

Dept. Enviroment Fisheries & Marine Service 

Conover, R.J. 

Marine Ecology Lab. 

Bedford Inst, of Oceanography 

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada 

Thimann Labs. 
Davis, William J. 
Univ. of Calif. 
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 

D'Espremenil, Dr. Anne Hurst 
Upper Flat, 42 West Fourth St. 
Cellardyke, Anstruther 
Fife, Scotland, U.K. 

Univ. of Aberdeen 
Doonan, Dr. Shelagh 
Dept. of Microbiology 
Marischal College 

Aberdeen, AB 9 1AS Scotlcind 

Colliers Lane 
Eales, Dr. N.B. 
Little down, Kingswood 
Henley on Thames 
Oxon. RG9 5LT Ri gland 

Dept. Biol. Preston Polytechnic 
Edmunds, Dr. f4a.lcolm 
Corporation St. 
Preston PR1 2TQ Eh gland 

Eh gel, Cathy 
1104 Stratford 
Ehcinitas, CA 92024 

Evans, Roger 

1900 Camino de la Costa #1 

Redondo Beach, CA 90277 

Farmer, Wesley M. 
410 So. 1st St. Sp. 182 
El Cajon, CA 92021 
(619) 588-8133 

Ferna^dez-Ovies, Casto L. 
Covadonga n2, i9 
Salinas, Asturias 

Ferreira, Dr. Ajitonio J. 
2060 Clarmar Way 
San Jose, CA 95128 

Fleming, Joyce 

212 Santa Ana 

Long Baach CA 90803 

Francis, Malcolm P. 
44 Belmont Terrace 
Auckland, 10 New Zealand 

Brooklyn College 
Franz, Dr. David 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Gante's, Helen 

36, rue du Haut-Carre 

33400 Talence, France 

Garcia -Gcmez, J. Carlos 
Departamento de Zoologia 
Facultad de Biologia 
Arartado 1.095 
Reina Mercedes, 6 
SEVILLA - 13 SpaLn 

kugust, 1962 Voiuae 14(6):20 


Gascoisr;e. Dr. Thomas 

16A, York Grove 


London SE-15 2NY England 

Gat, Gil 

72 South Africa Blvd. 

Ashqelon, Israel 78411 

tiamann, Jeffery C. 
B242 Valley High Road 
Lakeside CA 920^0 

Osaka j\.yoiK;u L-nx'/srsi'cy 
Hamatani, Mr, Iwao 

Mi,iBanii-K3wabori-Cho-4 3 
Tennoji, Osaka, Japan 

Departsient of Biolo^Y 
Ghiselin, Dr. Mchael'T, 
University of Utah 
201 Biology Eldg. 

Hansen, Bertie Daniel Hansen III 
Ihiversity of California 
Group in Biophysics & Nfedical Physics 
Berkley CA 9'4720 

Goddard, Jeff 

Oregcrj Institute of Marine Biology 

Charleston, OR 97^20 

Dept, of Zoology, Cairo University 

Gohar, Dr. Has-ed A.F. 

6 Mazhar St. 

Zaniale k, Cairo 

United Arab Republic ■ 

Department of Zoology 
Harris, Dr. Larry * 

University of New Hampshire 
3 Faculty Road 
Durham NH 0382^ 

Henderson Rcb^'^t S. 
P-0. Box 536 
Venice, CA 90291 

South African Museum 
Gosliner, Dr. Terry 
P.O. Box 61 
Cape Town 8 000 
Republic of South Africa 

Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology 
Govidan, K. 

Marine Biological Station of Annanialai Univ. 
Porto Novo 608 502 

diversity of Notre Danie 
Greene, Dr. Riohard 
Department of Biology 
Notre Daiae, IN 46556 


trr^nv nf On 

nt^ an O'^'"^ f^'V^ V 

Griffiths, Roberta Imrie 

University of Cape Towi 

Randebosch 7700 

Cape Town, P.O.B. 59"^ Republic of South Africa 

College Physicians & Surgeons Columbia Univ. 
Grossman, Marta (Dept. Physiol.) 
630 W. I68th St. 
New York, NY 10032 

Guidastri, Mr, Ruggero 

San Marco i4873 " ' - 

3012U VENEZIA ' 


Haberland Miks 
Biological Laboratory 
P.O. Box 117 
kvila Beach CA 93^2^^ 

Haderlie, Dr. Earle C. 

U.S. Naval Post-Graduate School 

Monterey, CA 93940 

Hopkins Marine. Station 
Pacific G'^ovet CA Q'<,G"Q 

University College of North Wales 

Hushes, Dr. Helen 

Dept. of Zoology 

The Bramwell Labs. 

Bangor, Caernarvonshire United Kingdi 

Huseuffi of Comparative Zoology 
Hughes, Mr. Roy L. 
Harvard Ihiversity 

Cambridge, MA 02138 

Hunter, Miss Judith 
7/65A Wercxia Ave. 
Gordon, New South Kales 
AustraUa 2072 

Labo Aiiatosie Comparee 
Inst. Biologie Animale 
Av des Facultes 

uraauate urtice 
Ireland, Chris 
P.O. Box 1529 
La Jolla, CA 92037 

Jaeckle, William 

207 Beryl Ave, 

Mill Valiev. CA onQHl 

UniversltS di Trieste 
Javazzo, Sig. Umberto 
Istituto Zoologie Ar;a 
^ijIQQ _ Trieste 

Via Alfonso Valeric 32 Italy 

Lomia ooraoaraca 



August 1982 
Volunie 14, 
Number 7 
Page 21 

Eubranchua horii Baba, 1S60 
Drawing by Dr. Baba 

3- s g » * 

Tne Opisthobranch Newsletter is published by 
Steven J, Long, 359 Roycroft Ave, Long Beach, 
California 90814, USA. Telephone 213-433-71118 
(message recorder) or ^^39-2028. Subscription 
rates are $15.00 per calendar year for 
individuals and $17.50 per calendar year for 
institutions. The Opisthobranch Newsletter is 
issued in parts at irregular Intervals.. 

ADDRESS LIST (Contir.ued from page 20) 

opt. of Biological Sciences 
Jensen, Kathe 
I Flordia Institute of Technology 
i Melbourne, FL 32901 

Johnson, Scott 

Niid Pacific Research Lab 

P.O. Box 1768 

AFO San Francisco, CA 96555 

Zoologisk Museum 
Just, Hanne 

Universitetsparken 15 , 
DK 2100 
Kobenhavn Denmark 


The Public Health Research inst. ^^-^ nat. hist. ■^' 

Kan del, Dr. Eric R. 
455 First Ave. 
New York, NY 10016 

2 5 AUG 1982 


'Sy u 


Karl, Stephen A. 
6509 Seville #6 
Goleta, CA 93117 

Kasinathan, K. 

Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biologv 
Miarine Biological Station 
Ann amalai Uni ve rsity 
Porto Novo 608 502 
Tamailnadu, India 

Katzman, Howard Z 
2043 Veteran Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90025 

General Science Department 
Alison 5 Dr. '£. 
University of Hawaii 
2450 Campus Road 
Honolulu Hawaii 96d22 

Keen, Dr. A. Myra 
2241 Hanover st. 
Palo Alto, CA 94306 

-Marine Science Ln stitute 
Kitting, Dr. Christopher 
LViive rsity of Texas 
Port Aransas, TX 78373 

Anatomishes Lnstit. 
Kress, Dr. A. 
Pestalozzistr 20 
CH-4056 Basel 

Laboratory of Biophysics 
Kuzirian, Dr. Alan 
Marine Biological Laboratory 
Woodshole, MA 02543 

La Rocque, Aurele 
102 W. Beaumont Rd. 
Columbus, OH 43214 

LaFollette, Patrick 
731 N. Ave 50 

Los Angeles, CA 90042 

British Columbia Provincal Museuai 
Lambert, Mr. Phillip 
c/o Parliament Bldg. 
Victoria, B.C., Canada V8W 1A 2